Jodie Parks, The Queen of Burps, on the Howard Stern Show (PICS)

Throughout the morning, Howard Stern was hyping up his next in-studio guest, Jody Parks, the Guinness-acknowledged Queen of Burps. Of course, just like everyone else in the free world would, when told he was having the “Queen of Burps” in the studio Howard assumed it was a huge 400-pound fat slob of a woman. As soon as Jodie walked into the studio, Howard was shocked.

After a few minutes of fawning over her “well-put-together” 39-year old body, and getting a few test burps, Howard threw in a few of his typical “Stern” questions and the interview really opened up. He pressed the issue on whether Jodie and her husband “swing” or not, but she never answered… so you can assume that answer.


The sexy talk ensued and it was revealed that Jodie is a real sexual chick, dropping quite a few “F” bombs and getting somewhat explicit in talking about sex. Again, throwing the question out there, Howard asked if Jodie would hop on the Sybian sex machine and she didn’t deny the request.

At first she was clowning around and burping while her voice was vibrating, making everyone laugh, but she never took her jeans off so the Sybian wasn’t allowed to do it’s work.

Here’s a video of Jodie, then you can check out some pics of her below to see if Howard knows what he is talking about:


Since Howard was raving about Jodie’s looks, we grabbed a few pics of her from around the inter-webs and her MySpace page. Click any thumbnail below to see the Queen of Burps in full-size:

These days, Jodie is a “paranormal investigator”… another non-burping part of the interview that Howard was obsessed with. Jodie insisted a house she lived in was haunted and even started her own group of investigators, Ghost Travelers. You can find out more about Jodie and her burping world records on her Wikipedia page.