Howard Stern Show: Chiara Strzesiewski is Miss Howard TV for June 2011 (PICS)

This morning on his Sirius XM Satellite Radio Show Howard Stern introduced the Miss Howard TV spokesmodel for June of 2011. It sounded like he announced her name as Kiara, but we quickly learned that it was Chiara… as in Chiara Strzesiewski.

Chiarra is a “burlesque” dancer, not a stripper. When asked what the difference was she said it was basically no touching. Unlike previous Miss Howard TV’s, Chiarra didn’t have a laundry list of sex partners. In fact, she announced that she just recently had her first orgasm and she is 30.

You can see Chiara dance in her Atlantic City show “X Burlesque” and at her website… which was overloaded with traffic as soon as she announced it. Do not despair, that is what we’re here for. Here are some shots of the lovely Chiara, from the Howard Stern Twitter account as well as her website and Facebook account. Click any image to see the full-sized version:

As always, we will post Miss Howard TV’s official bikini photoshoot after the guys on the Stern Show complete it.

Right before Chiara’s introduction, Howard was giving his staff a bunch of shit, claiming that many of them, especially Gange, only come in to the studio when a hot chick is there. Nobody really could deny those charges.