Howard Stern Show: Bree Olson Dishes on Charlie Sheen (PICS)

This morning on the Howard Stern Radio Show, former pornstar, former “goddess” and the current cover girl of Playboy magazine, Bree Olsen, was in the studio to promote her Playboy cover, but to answer all of the “Charlie Sheen” questions.

Bree is a longtime fan and friend of the show and has always been comfortable in the studio. In fact, she won the crown of “World’s Biggest Whore” on the Stern Show back in October before the whole goddess thing started.

We quickly learned that Bree did not like fellow goddess Natalie Kenly and did not find her attractive at all. Brooke Mueller was another story though, she did enjoy their “time” together. She also did admit that Charlie was not the most famous guy she has screwed. Howard flat out asked the question, “Is Charlie Crazy?” Bree had a hard time answering. She muttered no eventually, but quickly moved back on topic with the whole goddess situation.

As for Charlie, Bree said she tried to talk him out of his breakdown on a daily basis saying he was pissing his life away. Obviously he did not listen and she ended up leaving. When Howard asked if she would have sex again with him, she couldn’t answer that question as well.

We did learn that Bree is currently in love with a “college guy” and hopes to do some mainstream work instead of porn. She WILL screw a director for a role by the way. As for the college guy, she seemed a bit put off that he was a career college student, but it must not bother her that much.

Here are a few good reasons why Bree was a goddess. The staff remarked about how innocent she looked in her little sundress. Good luck with that…

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