Howard Stern Signs as America’s Got Talent Judge (VIDEO)

In this age of the internet and news being delivered almost instantly, a new bar was set this morning on the Howard Stern Radio Show on SiriusXM Satellite Radio. Stern’s longtime agent, Don Buchwals stopped in the studio with a bottle of champagne, some paperwork and a smile on his face. At that moment, millions of Stern listeners not only knew that Howard had agreed to be the new judge on NBC’s America’s Got Talent, but knew the exact moment it was official as he signed he contract right there during the broadcast.

Howard has come full circle with NBC. It was WNBC that fired Stern from their flagship station in New York, a move that set Howard’s career on track to become what it has today. Of course, Howard didn’t miss the opportunity to repeatedly point that fact out. Buchwald called the move, “NBC admitting they made a mistake.”


We reported back in mid-November that it sounded like Howard was close to a deal even though Stern kept denying it. NBC wanted him so badly that they are even moving the show closer to Howard and bringing to New York.

Below is video from Thursday morning’s show recapping the highlights of Buchwald dropping by and Howard signing the contracts. Then only place you can watch the turn of events in their entirety is on Howard TV, Stern’s On Demand cable channel:


Of course, the move did not come without much conversation, debate and criticism. Comments on articles reporting the news ranged from complete outrage to “I think I’ll watch that shitty show now.”

Our opinion? The first show of the summer will break ratings records. Where it goes from there? That depends on Howard.