Benjy Bronk’s Girlfriend, Elisa Jordana, is Named Miss Howard TV (PICS)

Both the Howard Stern Show and Howard TV, as well as their audiences, were sucked into the Benjy vortex on Wednesday morning as Benjy Bronk’s live-in girlfriend, Elisa Jordana, was announced as Miss Howard TV for June 2012. A Miss May hasn’t even been selected yet… but that doesn’t seem odd at all after listening to this interview.

The segment was teased yesterday as Benjy discussed on the air his reluctance over having his girlfriend appear in-studio in a bikini. The debate didn’t hold much water as Elisa did her segment in a pink bikini as seen in the image to the left and in the gallery below.

Below are a few images we found of Elisa Jordana, aka Elisa Schwartz, around the internet, including the Howard Stern Show and Elisa’s own Twitter accounts. Click any image to see the full-sized version:

During the interview, we learned that Elisa is on some heavy medication to deal with jealousy issues over Benjy. She has trouble dealing with the fact that so many people want to talk with him in public and on the show. Howard’s advice was for Elisa to put on a sexy dress and go out to club’s three times a week and see how much more attention she would get. We’ll see if she takes that advice or not.

You can check out both Benjy and Elisa on Twitter at @Bronk and @ElisaJordana. Look for Elisa’s sexy photoshoot on this site or on when it is posted. Check out to see when the segment will air.