NFL: Buffalo Bills Sign Top Draft Pick Stephon Gilmore To 4-Year Deal

It was quiet for a few days, but another first round draft pick from the 2012 NFL Draft class has been signed. That makes 7 in all so far in what seems to be a pretty fast pace compared to previous seasons. This time it was Stephon Gilmore, the Buffalo Bills’ first overall pick in 2012 and 10th overall. Gilmore is a 6′-0″ cornerback from South Carolina. The Bills expect him to start right out of the gate.

The field of correct answers in our own “First Picked, Last Signed” contest has been reduced by these seven players as well. That leaves 24 players left to choose from… all you have to do is guess the very last one to sign with their team.

The contest will run until all but one players are signed, and that appears to be happening pretty quickly, so get your picks in now. For more information and details, visit the official contest entry page.

The most popular pick so far has been Andrew Luck, the first overall pick and heir apparent to the Peyton Manning dynasty in Indianapolis. 15% of entrants are picking Luck to be the final 2012 draft pick signed. Not far behind him is the #2 overall pick, Robert Griffin III (RG3) at 11%. The rest of the field is pretty even.

Get your picks in now!