Gadget Review: The Brinkmann Q-Beam Rechargeable Spotlight

Living in the northeast, I am constantly plagued with power outages. Due to winter snow or summer lightening storms, we find ourselves often without power. A good spot light cannot only be a convenience in these situations but a lifesaver.

The Brinkmann Q-Beam rechargeable spotlight is the best portable spotlight on the market for these situations. This lightweight powerhouse has 3 lighting options. The white LEDs have a bright and super bright setting. On high, the Brinkmann Q-Beam delivers 564 lumens of bright white light. The Brinkmann Q-Beam delivers more than enough power to light up my acre plus back yard. It is like instant daylight.

The Brinkmann Q-Beam also has 33 red LEDs that deliver 120 lumens of red illumination. This night vision setting is great for hunting or makes an excellent emergency light for roadside repairs.

The built-in 12 volt battery gives you 12 hours runtime in the bright setting. This run time can be increased up to 15 hours in the low setting which delivers 300 lumens.

Brinkmann Q-Beam is perfect for campers, late night grilling and emergency personnel. As an added bonus the spotlight is fully-charged allowing you to use it immediately after purchase.