’s Cosplay Cutie of the Week – Nana Kuronoma

Welcome to a new TMRZoo exclusive feature CosPlay Cutie, where every week we find lady CosPlayers that are so cute, beautiful or incredibly sexy that we just have to tell you about them with few words and many pictures. And what better way to kick it off than with a lady Cosplayer who is all of these, Austria’s Nana Kuronoma.

A well established Cosplayer with a large following Nana Kuronoma combines great costumes, natural beauty and a sexy flair to create eye catching characters whose characters we know our readers will enjoy looking at over and over.

Her pages on World Cosplay, Deviant Art and Flickr will show page after page of images that will draw your eye in and sometimes leave very little to your imagination.

You can follow Nana Kuronoma on Facebook and Twitter, or order her prints and catalogues from her Online Store.

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