Howard TV Episode Review: “This is Beetle” starring Beetlejuice

You’ve seen him on the Howard Stern Show and Howard TV in various bits and appearances, and if you’re like me, have almost busted a gut laughing at Beetlejuice’s antics every time. If you think pre-planned and scripted skits are funny, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Howard TV has broken the mold of reality television.

“This is Beetle” is an original reality show, exclusively on Howard TV On Demand, bringing the viewer into Beet’s home and his day-to-day activities. Mundane tasks such as taking a bath, being measured for a new suit and getting a facial at a spa will take on an entirely new meaning after you watch just one day in the life of America’s favorite wack packer. As for that spa visit… ho long do you think those cucumber slices stay on Beet’s eyes before he gets hungry?

Take it from a long-time Stern fan, listener and viewer… This is Beetle alone is worth the subscription to Howard TV. There is no way any Beetlejuice fan should miss this series.


To get even more of Beet, you have to check out his Howard TV page where you can get Beetlejuice sound bites, images, wallpapers and more.You can even play the Beetle Mismatch game that they play on the show.

“Who? Me?”: Born June 2, 1968 as Lester Napoleon Green, is micro-cephalic dwarf with a very small head. Beetlejuice first appeared on The Howard Stern Show in 1999. Howard recognized that this tiny force of nature was a huge talent and, since then, he has become the most beloved member of Stern’s Wack Pack. He is currently on tour with his comedy routine and has appeared in several movies.