Howard Stern: Leslie Marie Santa Has Been Named Miss Howard TV For October 2010 (Pics)

This morning on the Howard Stern Show on SiriusXM Satellite radio, Howard introduced Miss Howard TV for the month of October 2010, Leslie Marie. Each month the Stern Show selects a new spokes model for Howard TV, the show’s On Demand cable network.

Unlike any Miss Howard TV announced previous, we found almost nothing on Leslie Marie as we searched for her immediately upon her announcement. All we have to go on is what they discussed during her appearance this morning, which wasn’t much. Below is the preview pic the Stern staff shot of her in the studio and a private Facebook page pic.

As soon as we get some more pics, we’ll attach them to this page. When her official photoshoot from Howard TV is posted, we absolutely will feature that in all it’s glory as we do each month here at the Zoo. This is all we could find as of 9:30 on Monday:

We did learn that the new Miss Howard TV is married (sorry guys) and she is so afraid of midgets, that she passes out at the site of one. Something tells me that Howard is going to run with that one in the future. Stay tuned.

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