FAMU Sextape Is Burning Up The Internet

famu_logo_2_With all of the celebrity sextapes on the internet who would think that a college or institution would have one next. It seems there was a sextape filmed at Florida A&M University. What makes this video interesting is, it is of a group session at the famed FAMU.

There is talk of lawsuits over the famu tape. It seems the girls that participated in this romp did not know they were being filmed. With one look at the famu sex tape anyone can tell the girls are looking directly into the camera.

Officials from FAMU have not made a comment on the film but at first blush it does not look like the video was filmed in the Florida A&M University dorms.

This does not mean the sex tape was not filmed off campus by FAMU students. So who will be next with a college sextape?  Will FAMU rival Bethune-Cookman University release a even more graphic sex tape to one up The Rattlers?

Maybe the Gators have some racy Tim Tebow video that will blow the lid off Tim’s squeaky clean image. I truly doubt it. I would be shocked if someone found video of Tebow drinking a beer.

So for your viewing here is a link to the alleged sex tape. It links to a site outside our control so download at your own risk.