Howard TV Presents Howard Stern’s Hottest Nudes with Mr. Skin

mrskin-sternTwo geniuses, one show…

One man brought you the beautiful and tantalizing women… the other brought you the captivating captions and witty remarks… together they bring you the naughtiest, nakedest, and at times nastiest Howard TV Series ever created.

Howard TV and Mr. Skin have teamed up to bring you Howard Stern’s Hottest Nudes with Mr. Skin. With his own personal erotic glossary and illustrious awards, Mr. Skin handpicks the most skintastic moments in Howard TV history. Mr. Skin will demonstrate a handful of new eye-popping skinfinitions with the help of his hot skinterns who dare to bare! The naughtiest minds in media are bringing you history… bringing you hilarity… bringing you Howard Stern’s Hottest Nudes with Mr. Skin.


The special will premiere on April 5th and can only be seen on Howard TV On Demand. For more details check out and watch the clip below. The clip features neither Artie Lange, nor Snookie. Sorry:

About Mr. Skin:
Mr. Skin is the world’s foremost authority on celebrity nudity. Armed with the twin novelties of cable TV and a VCR in the early 80s, Mr. Skin watched and recorded R-and PG-rated movies obsessively in search of nude scenes. As his basement screening room in the Chicago suburbs became overrun with tapes edited down to “the good parts,” young Mr. Skin began bowling over friends and acquaintances with his vast, flawless, flat-out skin-cyclopedic knowledge of which actresses got naked in what films. In 1998, Mr. Skin struck up a bar conversation with a Chicago radio personality that led to a series of on-air guest shots. From there, Mr. Skin applied his knowledge to the World Wide Web. He launched in 1999 and created the greatest, most dynamic, most all-encompassing warehouse of celebrity nudity – along with all the information he’d been carrying in his head – on the Internet. Mr. Skin is one of the most popular guests on modern radio, having appeared on over 500 programs, most notably The Howard Stern Show, where he is a well-liked regular. His name has also become synonymous with celebrity nudity and fans know that is exactly where to turn to when they’re “fast-forwarding to the good parts.” (from IMDB)