Is Jerry Jones Eyeing Tim Tebow For The Dallas Cowboys?

Jerry Jones Dallas CowboysWe have heard almost every scenario in regards to were Tim Tebow will land. Some rumors have him at the helm of a Quartbackless team like the Buffalo Bills. Other scenarios have him backing up NFL stud Quarterbacks like Brady in New England. The rumor I have most recently heard is there is interest in Dallas to acquire the Gator’s star.

The Cowboy’s have Kitna for Romo insurance but what happens if Tony Romo continues to lose the big game? It makes sense for the Cowboys to have someone in development behind him. It is no big secret that Tony Romo and Wade Phillips just barley saved their jobs last season. I can see Jerry Jones wanting someone not only to challenge Romo but to be ready to step in if he has a slow start  or injury this season.

We all know with his new stadium Jerry wants the hardware. The question is does he think Romo is the man to bring the Lombardi trophy back to Dallas. If Tim Tebow falls deep in the 2nd round look for the Dallas Cowboys to pick him up. If it make sense for Tebow to be a backup in New England, it more than makes sense for him to be a backup in Dallas.

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