Sony Unveils Next Generation PlayStation Portable 2

Sony Corporation (ADR) (Public, NYSE:SNE) has unveiled the NGP – that is, the Next Generation Portable – which is effectively the PlayStation Portable 2. The NGP will be released in 2011, promises Kaz Hirai.

Many of the features that were predicted for the PSP2 are here, including a 5-inch OLED screen, dual analog sticks, 3G, Wifi, front and rear cameras, front and rear touch pads, Sixaxis motion control and a three-axis compass. The rear touch panel is actually the same size as the front display, so that if you touch a spot on the back of the device, it’ll correspond with the screen in front. The screen’s resolution is reportedly four times better than the PSP’s.

Since the device has 3G support, it’s “always online”, which will allow social and location-based features and online play over mobile networks as well, and will even give a list of games being played in the local area. Even better, PSP games are completely backwards compatible with the NGP.

Some of the games promised for the NGP are handheld versions of Uncharted, Killzone, WipeOut, Resistance, LittleBigPlanet, Hot Shots Golf, Hustle Kings and Monster Hunter.

Aside from the profoundly unimaginative name, the NGP looks promising – all that needs to be mentioned now is the price.



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