Courteney Cox Surprises David Arquette and Howard Stern on the Air (VIDEO)

To celebrate his newly found sobriety, David Arquette was sitting in the guest chair on the Howard Stern Show all week. Each day Howard grilled him on his public break-up with Courtney Cox, who he had been banging and who he thought his estranged wife was having sex with. Much to both of their surprise, in the final minutes of the show’s broadcast week, and after a reluctant but highly sexual interview with Maria Menounos, Courteney Cox burst into the studio… unplanned and unannounced as you can see in the video clip below.

The only staff member who knew she would be stopping by was Gary “Baba Booey” Dell’Abate, who was trying feverishly all week to sneak her into the studio since she was also in town. It was a long shot, but he pulled it off. Howard immediately started grilling Courteney on who she has been having sex with since she separated from David. Her answer was that she hadn’t had sex at all… despite being photographed half-naked on a beach with a Cougartown co-star.


You can see Courteney’s entrance in the clip below as well as a few minutes of the interview…

As you could see, David immediately clammed up when Courteney came into the studio. He did loosen up later on and the morning proved to be a very interesting interview… which was the very first and only interview the former couple has given since their split.

The entire uncensored and nearly hour-long interview can be seen starting tomorrow night, Friday April 15, only on Howard TV On Demand and will be available for about three weeks. For all of the details, check out