The Pong Triangle is the Ultimate Beer Pong Accessory

Here at the TMR Offices we get tons of beer gadgets. They range from the ridiculous to the bizarre as weekend-warrior inventors try to improve on the consumption of America’s favorite beverage. Occasionally someone ships us something that actually makes us take notice. That rare gadget that actually improves upon our drinking experience, this is the case with the Pong Triangle.

The Pong Triangle is the ultimate beer pong accessory allowing you perfect lightning-quick reracks every time for your beer pong tournaments. The Pong Triangle is sturdy and lightweight with lots of sharp high definition designs to choose from.

If you do not see a design you like, the Pong Triangle is totally customizable. You can add the logo of your frat, business, or favorite sports team to this awesome accessory.

I also found the Pong Triangle handy when making trips back and forth from the kegorator. Have you ever tried to navigate a packed party with 4 -16 oz plastic beer cups filled to the brim? We all have and know about the trail of beer you leave behind you and down the front of your shirt. The Pong Triangle is great for carrying up to 6 beers.

Do yourself a favor check out this video and then visit This is a must have for you Michal Jordans of the beer pong table. The Pong Triangle also makes a great give for the beer drinker on your Christmas list.