Tom Brady is “Enraged” as the Patriots Let Wes Welker Walk

You mad bro? Sources close to Tom Brady have disclosed the future HOF quarterback is enraged the Patriots let Wes Welker go to the Denver Broncos. Brady recently restructured his contract to supposedly allow cap room and salary dollars for his favorite target.

Instead of spending that money on Welker, Kraft and Co low-baller the league’s best slot receiver and let him walk away. Welker’s new contract with the Denver Broncos is 12 million dollars over two years. That is not a lot of money for a guy who had 100+ catches last season.

The stopgap for the Patriots now is to draft a decent slot receiver or shoot for free-agent receiver Danny Amendola. Seeing the Patriots are unlikely to pay Amendola more than the Rams are offering, it seems the draft is their only option.

Apparently some folks are a little more upset than Tom Brady