Manti Te’o 2013 NFL Draft Contest: Team Visits and Meetings Update

In all of our previous Manti Te’o 2013 NFL Draft Contest updates we’ve only posted various mock drafts from across the interwebs. All of them featured the controversial Notre Dame linebacker being selected in the second half of the first round.

This update will exclusively be reports on the NFL teams that Manti has visited, or plans to visit. Last update, we mentioned that there was some new reported interest in Manti’s services from the Giants. The Giants at #19 are the team picking the earliest out of all the teams that are reportedly interested. Last Friday, Manti Te’o did meet with the New York football Giants.

It is being speculated that the Giants could be putting on a smoke screen by meeting with Manti, to entice one of the other teams interested in him to trade up or for the Giants’ pick. Only time will tell what the game plan is.

Below are links from around the web regarding recent visits of NFL teams with Manti Te’o to assist you in our Manti Te’o Draft Contest:

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Louis Bien, SBnation.comNFL Draft 2013: Manti Te’o visits Detroit Lions

Michael Gehlken, Report: Manti Te’o to visit Chargers

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