Cosplayer Cutie of the Week: Abby Dark Star

Hailing from Oakland California is a cosplayer who is as known for her hourglass figure as she is for her costumes; Abby Dark Star. And before anyone asks- Yes, every part of her is real, now let’s move on.

A cosplayer for over 7 years, Dark Star admits that she makes as much of her own costumes as her skills allow, and that she will purchase (or commission) the parts that she feels she would not be able to make as others could. However she does constantly work to improve her skills of making more of her costumes herself.

If anyone doesn’t think this is a big deal keep in mind that many top cosplayers have had to endure gossip and rumours that they do not make their own costumes, a rumour that is popular among rivals to make the cosplayer look bad to their fans.

While she is a credited model (for Castle Corsetry, along with other cosplayers) and actress Dark Star is not doing what many accuse other cosplayers of, and that is using cosplay to launch their careers in modeling and acting. Rather, Dark Star is the real McCoy when it comes to (the currently popular) ‘Geek Culture.

A self admitted fan of sci-fi and an avid gamer (she lists Halo as her favourite) Dark Star works in marketing for a major game developer when not cosplaying.

You can follow Abby Dark Star on Facebook and Instagram, or learn more about her on her Official Website.


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