Microsoft and Nintendo Troll Sony over Crossplay

Videogame Roundtable Episode 339: E3 Swag and Sony Sag

This episode follows the three-hour-long E3 episode, but there was so much E3 to talk about, a lot of the show spilled over into this show, including the crew talking about the swag Jonah sent to them, and Sony’s “winning” of E3 in terms of media attention. There was going to be a Gaming History, but the episode ran long and they weren’t going to have a two-hour podcast after a three hour one.

The news of the week includes:

Microsoft and Nintendo troll Sony over crossplay
Bethesda lawsuit says Westworld game stole Fallout Shelter code
Microsoft and Razer are working on Xbox keyboard and mouse support
Nintendo Switch could get its own new Monster Hunter games
Life is Strange 2 Episode One release date revealed

There was some Listener Feedback to last week’s episode, too.

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