The Bachelor Jake Pavelka Eats Kittens!

Jake Pavelka KittenI am a little disappointed. When I read the news this morning that “The Bachelor ends with a shocker” I must admit I was expecting some pictures of Jake Pavelka working the classic move on Vienna Girardi. Alas I guess it is a bit too soon for a sex tape or leaked sex photos.

I was sucked in to a bit of the coverage to find out some shocking information about the contestants on this show. US Weekly is reporting that ex Hooters waitress Vienna Girardi withdrew her ex-husband Josh Riley’s last $5,000 from his bank account . Now wait for it…to pay for breast implants! Now here comes the bomb…. while he was deployed in Iraq with the Marines.

I am not sure if this is true but if it is I will say it is about one of the lowest things I have ever heard. God forbid Josh Riley was hurt in any way in Iraq and the money he needed to rehab is implanted into this bimbo’s chest.

The even more shocking news is there are reports Jake Pavelka ate kittens to help him through the hectic and demanding filming schedule. Before it came down to the final two contestants, it is rumored Jake was eating kittens to give himself an edge.

I was wondering how any man could keep up with 25 women desperate for attention. Now we know how he did it.

Jake is not the first celebrity to be tied to kitten eating. We have seen proof of many pro athletes and celebrities eating kittens. We have also seen the horror kitten addiction can bring. Most recently we hve seen the damage kitten eating does with the comments John Mayer made.

Researchers say heavy duty kitten eating can affect the brains decision making functions. This is why kitten eaters are seen saying or doing unexplainable things. Maybe this is explains why Jake picked Vienna Girardi over Tenley Molzahn on the season finale.

If he continues this trend within a few more months of kitten eating he could wake up next to Kate Gosselin or Snookie. For the love of God Jake please seek help.