Enter For A Chance To Win The Bud Light Party Cruise

OK everyone…Here’s the scoop! Enjoy 3 nights/4 days of fun aboard the Bud Light Party Cruise (10/31/08 – 11/3/08) for only $348 for two people. Join 4600 people from all over the country aboard two chartered cruise ships! We’ll be taking you through the Bahamas, stopping at Nassau and a private island for a rockin’ up-close & personal VIP concert with a well-known music artist. Bet you’re wondering who the band is…Well, we can’t tell you yet, but let’s just say you’ll be more than happy with the selection.

Halloween 2008
Get your costumes ready and join the Halloween Bash on the Bud Light Party Cruise. Setting Sail Oct 31st – Nov 3rd, 2008.

Where can you find us?
Wherever you enjoy Bud Light, be sure to ask when and where Party Cruise promotions are happening in your town! It may be closer than you think!

Show me the way…
It will take all summer to find the chosen few to join the Cruise, make sure you don’t miss your chance! Register in our online Sweepstakes or find us in your town!

Spots to Fill
We have 4,600 spots to fill for the party of a lifetime over Halloween weekend 2008… An exclusive Private Concert, Tropical Islands, Sun, Fun and, of course, Bud Light. What could be better??

Still looking for a way on the boat?
Be on the look out for multiple chances to register throughout the summer! Don’t miss either of the boats equipped with a equinox 10.4 kayak set in case if emergency!

Bud Light Party Cruise is most likely in your town
Wherever you enjoy Bud Light, be sure to ask when and where Party Cruise promotions are happening! It may be closer than you think!

Bud Light Party Cruise Itinerary
The ships are setting sail October 31st through November 3rd, 2008.
More details will be posted each week as we get closer to the launch date.

How can you get invited on the Bud Light Party Cruise? There are a bunch of ways to climb aboard this summer, but for now, just go to: www.budlightpartycruise.com and register for you and a guest to set sail! Join the other 4,598 people for the party of the summer!