Proposed NFL 18-Game Season Schedule, Good For the Game, Or Just the Owners’ Wallets? (POLL)

It sounds like the NFL is getting pretty serious in their consideration of expanding the regular season to 18 games. This would be accomplished by converting two of the four preseason games into meaningful regular-season games and limiting the preseason to two games.

Owners seem to love the idea while the players and NFL Players Association hate it. Players are already chiming in with their negative opinions claiming their bodies are beat to hell after 16 games and two more will only add to the punishment. On top of that, bubble players will have less time to win a roster spot since the starters will get most of the playing time in the shortened preseason.

Fans of the NFL appear to be split on the issue. We’re curious as to where our readers stand, so please sound off via the poll to the left and the comment section below. As a season ticket holder, you would think that I would be in favor of making one of the preseason games I pay full price for, meaningful. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’m a purist and I say leave well enough alone. I’m perfectly fine paying for 10 games but only getting 8 real ones. I know others don’t feel the same way though.

Some division races may be extended, but what happens in run away divisions? Will head coaches start resting their starters for the entire last month instead of the last 2 games? Wasn’t this an issue within the past few seasons where the Commish proposed some incentives for teams not resting their starters?

This issue is just another log thrown into the collective bargaining agreement fire. The two sides don’t appear to be close on anything, so why should the number of regular season games be any different?

Let us know how YOU feel.