Howard Stern Announces the Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant

tiger-crying2Howard Stern is no stranger to hosting his own beauty pageants. He’s held yearly pageants for his interns, a Miss Butterface contest and even held a Hottest Amputee pageant. His latest idea for a beauty pageant could blow those all away.

Howard Stern announced on his daily radio show on Sirius XM Satellite Radio that he will be holding the “Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant.” There is only one entry requirement for this pageant… you had to have had sex, at least once, with Tiger Woods. The Prize? $100,000 cash! Longtime Stern sponsor will be sponsoring this contest as well.


Three girls have already committed to the pageant so the contest is a go. The names of the girls have not been announced yet. The show is apparently talking to at least one other girl.

At first I didn’t believe the $100k grand prize was juicy enough for some of these girls since they could probably earn much more by doing an interview with a major media outlet. But the more I think about it, after the way they all wanted a piece of the pie when the story broke, it seems plenty enough for an attention whore.

stern studio

Of course, don’t forget the Tiger factor. Could Woods himself offer some hush money to any girl wanting to enter? You know that Howard Stern is going to ask the most intimate of intimate questions on his completely uncensored radio show. If you thought there were too many details about Tiger released before, just wait until Howard gets his shot with these girls!

Hopefully this contest goes off without a hitch. As soon as the roster of girls is released, we’ll post their names and galleries for you. Stay Tuned!