Tiger Woods Takes 13 Hole Lead In The Masters With More Affair Allegations From Raychel Coudriet (Photos)

RAYCHEL-COUDRIET ThumbIf the Masters standings were judged by” holes” Tiger would be the all time champion. Today’s Masters Golf Tournament 2010 scoreboard has Tiger with a 13 mistress leader ahead of the pack. This is as the daughter of his neighbor comes forward as the latest conquest by the golfer.

National Enquirer and RadarOnline reports today Raychel Coudriet, Tiger Woods’ 22-year-old neighbor, is the latest to claim sexual contact with the often pantless golfer. Raychel says when she was 21 when the alleged affair took place. Raychel Coudriet was quoted as saying she came forward “because she was furious that she was just another conquest.” We are surprised it took her this long to figure that out?

This has all of the trappig of a Tiger affair including the drity text messages. Tiger reportedly sent her dirty texts, including, “Are you touching yourself? I want to f— you.”

The National Enquirer article is reporting that Woods and Raychel Coudriet bumped ugly in Tiger’s office. The daring dou also allegedly made out within sight of Woods’ Florida home while Tiger’s wife Elin was in the residence.

The New York Post, is reporting Coudriet told Woods she felt “extremely violated by what you did to me.” Before the alleged relationship deteriorated,

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