Sylvester Stallone Brings Rambo Chic to Casual Fridays

This is no joke and not one of our satire pieces. Sly Stallone is going into the clothing business. I did a quick Google image search to see if I was missing something. There is nothing I have ever seen Sylvester Stallone wear that I said to myself I need to own that. Maybe Stallone figures if Donald Trump, Nelson Mandela and Jay Z can do it…why can’t he.

Here is why. The line named after Stallone will feature jeans, shirts and outer wear, inspired by Stallone characters, Rocky and Rambo. WTF? This is what happens when people have too much money and too much ego. Who out there wants’ to dress like a 1970’s Italian guy from Philly? Sadly the answer for this question is guys from Philly.

A trip down Philadelphia’s South Street will uncover a throwback or two to the days of Balboa. There are a few men out there in New York, Boston and Providence, RI that also still sport the gold chains and the track suits. Still isn’t that a pretty small market? The way I look at it is if Chevy can bring back the Camaro, why can’t Sylvester Stallone bring back the cloths to go with it?

What I am looking forward to is Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo line. I can’t wait to rock my red bandana at my next company meeting. If anything says I am ready for any corporate challenge it is a red bandana and a dirty black tank top.

No pricing for this line has been announced for this clothing line yet; I am sure it will be disclosed as soon as the Walmart, Target bidding war for this line is over.