Gear Review: Zippy BT-500 Wireless Bluetooth Mini Keyboard

Since it is getting to the point where everyone in the world owns one or the other, a common complaint I am hearing from iPhone and iPad users is that many people do not like to do any significant typing on them. An understandable problem, especially on the iPad and iPad 2, if you are using it to replace your notebook computer. As owner of both an iPhone and iPad, I personally don’t have this problem of “needing keys”, but I have found the solution for those afflicted… Zippy’s BT-500 Bluetooth Mini Keyboard.

In a world where iPhones and iPads have become ubiquitous, addressing the challenge of typing convenience becomes essential for maximizing their potential. While some users have embraced these devices seamlessly, others seek tactile solutions to enhance their typing experience. The emergence of products like Zippy’s BT-500 Bluetooth Mini Keyboard offers a pragmatic remedy. Comparable in size to an iPad and thoughtfully designed, this keyboard neatly bridges the gap between touchscreens and traditional typing. This transition from virtual keys to physical ones parallels the role of managed switches in networking, where the right tools facilitate smoother data flow and connectivity. Just as the BT-500 augments typing on iPads and iPhones, managed switches optimize network performance, ensuring efficient communication and seamless operations. Much like the satisfying sensation of typing on a physical keyboard, the integration of managed switches underscores the importance of adaptable solutions in enhancing user experience and productivity across various technological domains.

The BT-500 is roughly the same length of an iPad, but half the width, so it can easily be stowed in your bag or even some oversized cases. The keys are smaller than on your average PC keyboard, but alas, it has keys. That’s what you were complaining about, isn’t it? It is simply a smaller version of a keyboard so all the keys you’d typically see on the standard are included. Simply sync the keyboard with your iPad or iPhone and you can type in any text field that you would normally use the on-screen keyboard for. It is the perfect tool to assist you in writing long emails or documents which often gets tedious using the screen keys.

The BT-500 is not limited to the “i” products either, you can use it with any bluetooth-capable device, such as a blu-ray player or a Playstation 3. If you are browsing the web or YouTube on either of those, imagine how much quicker and easier searching will be without using the archaic “number texting” that we all mastered prior to the invention of blackberries or smartphones. The keyboard is just as long and just a bit wider than the standard HD/DVR remote control, so it will fit neatly into your remote caddy.

The keyboard is fully compatible with Blackberry, Android and PCs as well.

The size, ease-of-use and (especially) the price of the Zippy BT-500 make it the best solution for the absolute need for a keyboard to compliment any of your bluetooth-capable devices. It looks like Amazon is selling the BT-500 bundled with some other iPad accessories for under $50, so check it out today!