Howard Stern Bids Farewell to Philadelphia’s 94.1 WYSP Live During A Final Broadcast (Audio Clip)

Howard Stern finally returned to terrestrial radio on Friday, for a brief time at least, as he called in to one of the last broadcasts of Philadelphia’s (former) Rock Station 94.1 WYSP. Howard talked with Spike Eskin about his fondness of Philadelphia and how good the city’s listeners were to him and his career.

Early in the conversation, Howard talked about how he loved YSP and how he dreamed about being on the station…

“I love WYSP. It is very strange to hear that WYSP isn’t going to be there anymore because I had dreams of being on the radio since I was five years old. But then when I went to college and dreamt of being on the radio, there were certain radio stations that were legendary like WBCN in Boston, which is no longer music, and WYSP and WPLJ in New York… this was like my dream. If I could one day work at WYSP, it would be nirvana!”

Howard continued to express his gratitude for WYSP and their listeners because they provided him with such great success in that market that it sent him down the syndication road that made him a national radio sensation. Howard stayed on the air for over a half hour.

You can listen to the full on-air segment at the link below:

At 3:00pm today, 94.1 WYSP will change their call letters to WIP and become a full-time sports talk radio station.