’s CosPlay Cutie of the Week – Russia’s Anna Ormeli

From fan to game character Russia’s Anna Ormeli – CosPlayers portray their favourite characters from games, movies, comics and animation. Some are closer to the character than others; while many focus on getting the overall look of the character down, or seek to do a great interpretation of the character. But what about portraying a character so well that you become that character for a major video game franchise?

That’s exactly what happened to Russian veterinarian Anna Ormeli, and how she became involved with Irrational Games, and their blockbuster title ‘Bioshock Infinite’.

Ormeli had chosen to cosplay the character Elizabeth from the (at that time) upcoming game ‘Bioshock Infinite’ based on early release images; pictures of her in character made their way back to Irrational Games who hired her to be the facial model for Elizabeth in the finished game. They also used her image for Elizabeth on the games back cover and the promotional campaign.

This isn’t Ormeli’s only success with her cosplay work. In 2012 she was voted as ‘Miss Gamer’, a cosplay beauty pageant in Russia for her portrayal of Female Sheppard from the game Mass Effect 3. In February, of this year, Ormeli played the lead in a live dance interpretation of Alice The Nightmare Continues.

Outside of her remarkable successes Ormeli continues to draw the praise of fans, and fellow cosplayers alike, with her selection of various characters that match her as well as Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite.

You can follow Anna Ormeli on Facebook and Twitter.

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